Bill Belichick has turned the New England Patriots' trip to The Greenbrier resort for joint practices with the Houston Texans into an educational experience for players. The son of a teacher, Danny Amendola JerseysBelichick used part of a team meeting to explain to players the significance of the venue they are practicing at Tuesday and Wednesday.

"Coach gave us a history lesson," relayed receiver Julian Edelman, Dont'a Hightower Jerseyswho had missed the trip here in 2015 when the Patriots worked with the Saints. "There were 26 presidents that have stayed here. There was a bomb shelter, in fact, for the Cold War. There are 700 rooms. There is a room where Congress could go just in case there was a nuclear attack back in the Cold War era. It's pretty cool to get to come here and see the history and the beauty of the [mountains]."

Belichick, whose appreciation for history and the military is well documented, Julian Edelman Jerseysalso seemed to be in his element. Before the teams practiced Tuesday, Belichick addressed reporters and said, "It's always great to be back at The Greenbrier. ... It's a great environment. I love it here."

Bill Belichick kicks off Patriots-Texans joint practices with a morning news conference and says, "It's always great to be back at The Greenbrier." The Patriots previously practiced here in White Sulphur Springs, LeGarrette Blount JerseysWest Virginia with the Saints.As for the history of The Greenbrier, from 1861 to 1865 it had closed during the Civil War, with both sides occupying the grounds as either a hospital or headquarters, according to the resort's website.

In 1914, it had opened year-round for the first time, and President Woodrow Wilson spent Easter there with his wife.

When the United States became involved in World War II in 1941, Rob Gronkowski Jerseysthe U.S. State Department leased the hotel on the resort for seven months. Hundreds of German, Japanese and Italian diplomats and their families were relocated from Washington, D.C., until their exchange for U.S. diplomats similarly stranded overseas was completed.

Кассетные фанкойлы

Как и кондиционеры, кассетные фанкойлы выпускаются с внешней панелью для монтажа в фальш-потолок. Модели этого типа отличаются низким уровнем шума и элегантным дизайном. Поставляются как стандартных, так и компактных размеров, в зависимости от холодопроизводительности. Каждый фанкойл укомплектован беспроводным пультом управления и съемным моющимся фильтром.

Технические характеристики:

Наименование модели SFC-27Ca SFC-36Ca SFC-54Ca SFC-72Ca SFC-108Ca
Электропитание 1ф/220/50Гц
Потребляемая мощность Вт 50 57 90 131 186
Холодопроизво-дительность Высокая скорость Вт 2712 3618 5406 7210 10810
Средняя скорость Вт 2305 3075 4600 6130 9190
Низкая скорость Вт 1763 2350 3515 4688 7030
Теплопроизво-дительность Высокая скорость Вт 4070 5418 8115 10807 16204
Средняя скорость Вт 3460 4605 6898 9186 13774
Низкая скорость Вт 2464 3522 5275 7025 10553
Расход воздуха Высокая скорость м3 510 680 1020 1360 2040
Средняя скорость м3 382 510 765 1020 1530
Низкая скорость м3 255 340 510 680 1020

Уровень шума

дБ (А) 31/35
Статическое давление Па 0 0 0 0 0
Расход воды кг/ч 620 700 1150 1400 1820
Гидравлическое сопротивление кПа 26 27 31 34 39
Максимальное рабочее давление воды МПа 1.6
Блок Габариты мм 740*740 *145 740*740 *145 900*900 *320 900*900 *320 900*900 *360
Вес кг 20 20 24 25 28
Панель Габариты мм 650*650 *300 650*650 *300 950*950 *55 950*950 *55 950*950 *55
Вес кг 2.2 2.2 5 5 5
Диаметр труб вход/выход мм 3/4"(ф20)
Дренажная труба мм ф20